Park Ranger: Amazingly Simple Precision Parking Aid

Everyone is familiar with the problem of parking their car in an always too small and cluttered garage.  The Park Ranger® was designed as an easy to use parking aid to solve these problems.  It helps you park your vehicle in your garage, front to back, with precision.  It protects valuables from being hit by your vehicle, your vehicle from being hit by the garage door, and allows you to leave walking space around your vehicle.  It’s easy to use, easy to install, out of the way, and incredibly precise.  Amazingly simple - drive in and just “line up the lines.”  

The Park Ranger is ideally suited for the same driver in the same car with the seat in the same position. Other drivers may have to adjust the alignment of the lines.

The Park Ranger was designed to be hung like a picture, so the mounting hardware is not visible and allows it to be easily repositioned as required.  Alternatively, it can be installed with an adhesive backing (double sided tape, hook and pile, or Command Strips™), on a wall or shelf using the same method described in the video.  Those with metal shelving, tool or storage cabinets in the mounting location can use a magnet.

Park Ranger Front View | Tkach Enterprises
Park Ranger Isometric View | Tkach Enterprises Inc

"So obvious and simple, but that is what is so ingenuous about this.  I have been using it for a week so far and it lets me park perfectly every time"   Amazon review

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